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Global sustainability starts with a single person, and we want everyone to learn how to incorporate the environment into their lives to achieve personal, social, and environmental sustainability!




not all beef is created equal

Sustainability Project Leader, Tivon Steffes, shares his experiences growing up on a free-range cattle farm and discusses the benefits of grass-fed beef. 

To find out more about sustainability on campus, check out Susquehanna University's website and discover exciting projects like the campus gardens, freshwater research initiative, solar panel field, and the Shakespearian edible garden!


Sustainability  can be Applied to Anything!

Normally the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about sustainability is recycling or using metal straws, and while that can be part of it, sustainability is a concept that's important for every aspect of society, from politics to architecture to economics. It's not just about stopping global warming, it's about balancing environmental protection with social justice to meet our needs for the present and the future. 
Our world is complex, interconnected, and constantly in flux, sustainability strives to make sense out of the chaos and create a healthy and just world for us all.

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