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Sustainability Project Leader Grant Rowe discusses the future of electric vehicles and dispels common misconceptions. He also discusses possibilities for Susquehanna University to become more Electric Vehicle friendly.

Katie Runk discusses the paradox of reusable straws. In terms of plastic waste, plastic straws are just a small part of all the plastic that we throw away. Katie considers what we can do to be better environmental stewards, reusable straw or no.

Image by Gwen King

Sustainability Project Leader Grant Rowe discusses how, when things get tough, renewable energy often gets used as an excuse. From rising gas prices to widespread grid issues, renewable energy is often used to shift blame from the real cost of using fossil fuels.

Should we change the way we talk about climate change? Sustainability project leader Calli Lambard suggests that comedy can help us discuss climate change in a way that combats the hopelessness and depression that often accompanies conversations on environmental issues. Read on for a fresh and unique perspective on how reframing the story of climate change can bring people together and spark interest in the cause.


Many people have the misunderstanding that environmental issues are separate from human issues, but this could not be farther from the truth. The socio-economic system of our society places profit above all else, and both our natural resources and vulnerable people are exploited so that we in the "modern" world can continue our cycle of mindless and irresponsible consumption. Those least responsible for our environmental issues are suffering the most, and it is our responsibility to spread awareness of those atrocities.


Shian Knouse shares her story about coming to Susquehanna as an undecided first year. Read how her Earth and Environmental Science major, beekeeping, New Zealand, and a Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Plan changed her life!


It's hard to imagine campus without Terracycle. Only four years ago, Kara Eckert introduced Susquehanna to this recycling program that recycles harder to recycle items and transformed campus!


Derek Martin shares his inspiring journey of discovering his passion for sustainability at a time when his entire identity was in question.

Image by Dan Gold

Is this modern industrial agricultural system the best humans can do, and is it really what's best for humans? Derek Martin delves into the significance of the food system for people and the ways in which its quality can help to improve the world.


As we give thanks this year, let's take a look at our "traditional" feast. How many of the foods on our dinner table were on the pilgrim's table in 1621? Matt Wilson leads us through an exercise to imagine the food we can find in our local green spaces.


Christiana Paradis, Program Coordinator for SU's Violence, Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center and Adjunct Professor in Women's and Gender Studies, discusses the meaning of eco-feminism and how she incorporates it into her own life.


Sydney Vincent, double majoring in creative writing and publishing and editing, recently interviewed Dana Simson whose new book, Come Together: Handbook to Retool for the Future, comes out next week!


Read about our trip to Gita Nagari: a sustainable dairy farm filled with cows, peacocks, and honeybees, not to mention a friendly nomadic barn cat. Valuing compassionate living above all else, this farm will change your views about modern agriculture and animal relations and will capture both your heart and your mind.

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Ali Binder reflects on her four years at Susquehanna as an Earth and Environmental Science major and the first Sustainability Intern for Dining Services.

Industrial Smoke

Derek Martin discusses the controversial concept of holding companies financially responsible for the carbon emissions they produce and explains the details of how the prices will be calculated and the implications of new carbon pricing policies.


Is this modern industrial agricultural system the best humans can do, and is it really what's best for humans? Derek Martin delves into the significance of the food system for people and the ways in which its quality can help to improve the world.


Lynn Buck, first lady of Susquehanna University, is known for being supportive and passionate about sustainability on campus, so we interviewed her to get a deeper perspective about how such an influential figure for SU perceives sustainability on campus and off.


Calli Lambard, a Sustainability Project Leader in the Office of Sustainability, discusses climate justice, the impacts already being felt by the climate crisis, and Mary Robinson's book, Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future. 


Sustainability Project Leader, Tivon Steffes, shares his experiences growing up on a free-range cattle farm and discusses the benefits of grass-fed beef. 

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